Member, Charles Wagner, has a successful spring Turkey hunt! BTW this was his first turkey hunt, talk about beginners luck!

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Johnstown Community
Sportsmans Club

Home of the Original Swappers Day!

Welcome to our home on the web.

Come on in and take a look around, learn a bit about us and what we do as part of our community.  The JCSC is a great place to meet other outdoor enthusiasts, expand your interests (and help others learn and broaden their horizons too!) and just meet new friends.  We are a family oriented club, with activities and events for all ages.

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Water Races
Field Trials
Archery Shoots & Classes
Pheasants Forever
72st Annual SWAPPERS DAY Labor Day Weekend
Fish Day!
Fall Hunters Education Class
Turkey Shoots
Coyote Drives
Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinners

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